Bicycles and Electric Cars SAVE the Environment. What’s Your Contribution?

By the end of September 2015, more than 43,000 electric cars were registered in the UK, an increase of more than 1,000 per cent from 2013. Many of these automotive owners made their decision to buy this type of car based on their desire to help the environment and preserve the earth.

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For others who are intent on improving the environment, but not quite ready to purchase a new car, bicycles are often preferred methods of transportation. If you are not currently a member of these two groups, it is time to consider becoming one. Not only are they sure to become increasingly popular in the upcoming years, but they offer numerous environmental advantages.

Electric Cars
With the UK facing increased air pollution concerns, electric cars provide a great alternative to traditional vehicles that produce excessive amounts of harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, electric cards are 100 per cent eco-friendly, using an engine that is entirely electric. By running on a clean energy source, it does not emit any smoke or toxic gases into the environment. Electric cars are also much quieter than their traditional counterpart, which means they significantly reduce noise pollution. As an added bonus, they are very low maintenance because there is no need to lubricate the engine.

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Throughout the UK, governments and private individuals are working to increase the number of charging stations available. Currently there are around 9,000 stations, but this number is expected to grow as electric cars become more popular.

While electric cars are becoming more common on the roads, bicycles are also being ridden more and more by individuals committed to helping the environment. Instead of getting in their car or taking petrol guzzling public transportation, people are opting to bike to work, school, the local market, and any other place within a reasonable distance from home.

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Not only do bicycles greatly reduce noise pollution, but they also require no fuel, take less energy and natural resources to manufacture, and do not require batteries or motor oil that have the potential to be toxic to the environment. They also decrease traffic congestion, which cuts down on the number of cars on the road at the same time and potentially decreases traffic jams and commute times.

If you are not yet committed to driving an electric car or riding a bike, consider this. Both air and noise pollution have been found to negatively impact the quality of life for residents throughout the UK and can even result in increased anti-social behaviour and crime. In addition, evidence strongly suggests that there is a direct link between noise pollution and various medical conditions, including strokes and heart attacks, while air pollution is estimated to have an effect equivalent to 29,000 deaths each year in the UK alone.

While the environment is in danger, we can do something about it, starting with examining our methods of transportation. Is it time for you to invest in an electric car or bicycle?

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