How Cycling is Helping Drug Addicts Recover

There are over 1,200 drug and alcohol agencies around the country that provide support and rehabilitation for drug addicts and alcohols. Treatments range from residential clinics, detox centres, support groups, harm minimization and even geographical moves.

But there’s a little known secret that one drug rehabilitation centre in Bristol in the UK are adopting that working wonders in helping drug addicts and alcohols achieve long term recovery from their addictions.

You guessed it…


Cycling helps drug addics and alcoholics image for

Yes, ex addicts are peddling their way to new lives, getting fit and helping the environment. Western Counselling trialed a ‘cycle to rehab’ program for all residents over a six month period. That meant cycling to and from the drug treatment centre every week day morning and evening…And the results have been quite amazing.

The general fall out (number of people that leave rehab early to continue their addictive cycles) has dropped to an all time low of just 8% over a six month period, since cycling was made an active part of their treatment program. This staggering statistic will have rehab centres around the world buzzing with excitement.

An employee of Western reportedly said that clients were visible better, mentally more stable, enjoying emotional balance and improved motivation.

So, a simple 1.5 mile cycle twice a day maybe all you need to better the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.

Of course these statistics and claims are not scientific facts but they do point to the possibilities of directly support drug and alcohol addicted people of finding a new way of living.

As a chief advocate for cycling and the obvious benefits it can provide any reasonable individual this story is quite amazing. And I for one am a firm believer that cycling changes lives.

What do you think?

Can cycling be the next solution to grave mental and emotional problems that often stem from addictive behaviour? I certainly like to think so.

Do you?



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