If you must drive

Okay, so we understand that you can’t cycle everywhere you want to go.

Holidays, trips to see family in faraway places and long distance work commitments are just some of the reasons we need to use public transport or even a car, if necessary.

If you are planning to use a car you might try single day car hire with companies like Europcar

Here’s how cheap it can be:

car leasing rates to pay

But, if you are using a vehicle more regularly you might be thinking of buying. But, the latest trend is car leasing. There are a tonne of viable options and much depends on your personal circumstances and in particular, your credit rating.

Oh yes, not everyone can lease a car for pennies. Your credit history plays a crucial role in getting a cheap lease car.

For those with a solid credit rating you might try well-known companies like:

Leasing options

Vehicle contracts

Mercedes Benz Leasing

These are the type of firms that offer new car leasing with incredible deals. Benefits include low monthly payments, no maintenance costs, road tax etc.

If you have a poor credit history your options are seriously reduced. There are plenty of bad credit car leasing companies but you need to watch out. Companies like Hippo leasing often end up offering a hire purchase deal which isn’t a lease at all!

Good firms in this part of the sector are as rare as hens teeth. In fact, we can offer only one decent firm here in the UK, vehicle history check and leasing services. A decent family run business that go the extra mile to help out those trying to fix up their credit rating. Car leasing is a great way to do that if you manage your payments well enough and complete a deal with them.

Of course, you can buy a car and if you do make sure you run a CarVeto check to make sure the vehicle ain’t stolen or have some weird history that makes the car a liability.

But, as we say at Bike Fridays, why lease when you can ride!

Colin B.