Velodrome For Financiers?

Velodrome Race Results With Cedar.

It’s no surprise that we, at Cedar, are obsessed with bikes, which is why you shouldn’t be shocked to learn that for the third year in a row, we hired the Lee Valley Olympic Velodrome. Then, we invited some of the UK’s top business FDs, CFOs, and finance leaders to take a spin around the track.

Built for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Velodrome boasts a 250m track and 45-degree banking, which excited the 30 lucky participants. While we intended for this to be an experience, it quickly become a competition as participants worked to beat each other and break last year’s record of 17.36 seconds for the quickest lap.

Cedar accountants Velodrome race results for Bike Fridays

Following a brief safety presentation and allowing for training laps to be completed, the event began. Participants, especially those here for the first time, were shocked at their scores and their ability to get above the ‘blue line.’

The winner, Nick McNulty, was a speed demon on the track, finishing with the fastest time we have ever seen. His time of 16.9 seconds shaved quite a bit of time off the previous winners’, Ben MacDonald and Matt Briers, with a time of 17.36 and 17.26 seconds respectively. Nick currently serves as the Financial Accounting Group Controller for Domestic & General.

Nick was followed by Ed Wagener (Finance Direction for with a time of 17.87 seconds and Cedar’s own Managing Partner, Howard Brentwood with a finish time of 17.92 seconds.

In regards to Nick’s record breaking time, here’s something to consider. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Great Britain’s team of Steven Burke, Ed Clancy, Owain Doull, and Bradley Wiggins set the 4000m team pursuit world record with a time of 3 minutes 50 seconds. This averages out to 14.39 seconds per lap. Nick finished just 2.5 seconds behind them, meaning he just might want to put his finance career on hold and start training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!

In this exciting and fast paced environment, our guests had the perfect chance for fun and networking with their peers. We would like to say a huge thanks to the outstanding Velodrome team who helped us plan another fantastic day.